08.01.2014 - Nelson Gallery 2014 Juried Show

The Nelson Gallery is a little-known but very nice gallery in Lexington that hosts a juried show every year... this year is their 15th. I try to submit something as frequently as I can (sometimes paintings, this year photographs), and this year one of mine was accepted (A Tear in Time).


01.17.2014 - Arisia 2014

Because I had to mail my work in this year, there were none of my paintings in Arisia 2014. This year I only exhibited photographs. If you are unfamiliar with the event, it is a tremendous Science Fiction - Fantasy convention, and maybe one the -running in the country. So, naturally, the only photos I exhibit there are related to that genre.


Past Events

2014 - Nelson Gallery 2014; one photo exhibited

2014 - Arisia 2014; nine photos exhibited